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Pam is an internationally acclaimed coach, author and speaker who succeeds in inspiring young people to believe in themselves.  Working with staff across many schools in the UK, she helps youngsters to achieve their full potential through a practical, simple to implement approach. 
'By helping youngsters to understand the dynamics of relationships, they can take ownership of their part in them.'

Coaching for Young People

A modern day necessity

Coaching for young people in schools has become a necessity.  In the modern day world, many youngsters struggle to make the most of their educational experience and never reach their full potential.  Starting out in life with confidence and competence to understand who they are and what they are good at sets the foundation for a positive learning environment where children want to learn.  Helping them to take ownership of their relationships and personal interactions gives then the skill to move forward successfully in life.


Courses for Staff

Mentoring in Schools - The Way to SUCCEED

Mentoring in Schools - The Way to SUCCEED is a unique training programme for staff that will provide them with the tools to help young people to get the maximum benefit from their time in school.

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Courses for Young People

7 Steps to SUCCEED

The Young Person's Guide to Self-Coaching.
Design your own life. Don't leave it to chance or someone else.

Pam's Background

Over the past 40 years, Pam has inspired people of all ages to believe in themselves and to realise their full potential.  Pam's vision for coaching in that as a unique intervention, it is of its time.  Coaching already offers and will increasingly offer valuable support to individuals around the world to tackle the challenges that living in the 21st century can present.
In 2011, Pam was invited to develop a programme to train ex-military personnel to mentor disengaged teenagers in schools.  Now in its eight year, this programme has reached over 8,000 young people and continues to make a difference in schools throughout the UK, particularly in Lancashire.

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Life Coach

In 2003, Pam was commissioned by Hamlyn Publishers to produce the book on Life Coaching that would give people a genuine understanding of non-directive coaching to understand how to self coach. 
Other books include:
Mentoring in Schools - The Way to SUCCEED. Published in 2012
Coaching for Networkers - Increase your confidence & release your potential. Published in 2003.

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